question about ex contract mobile phones

@jarael (666)
October 18, 2008 4:49am CST
i have two mobile phones with 3 mobile company. well to cut a long story short , the bloke i spoke to on the phone told me that if i bought a second phone with them it would upgrade the first contract. well i did this thinking i was upgrading, when in fact i did this and ended up with 2 seperate contracts. at the time i also made the same mistake with the mobile broadband dongle. by the time the bills came in , i realised then that i had 4 contracts when i only thought i was having two. i rang them and tried to cancel and they said i could not cancel without paying for the remainder of the contracts. so for months i have been struggling to pay them and i have now not paid them for 2 months and they have now charged me for the remainder of the contracts and have passed on my account to debt collectors. now my question is can these mobile broadband dongles and mobile phones still be used with pay as you go sim cards. as i am just stuck with them doing nothing. if i can sell them on i may as well. but just wanted to be sure first.
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