Future is predictable ?

October 18, 2008 7:40am CST
hi all, here is one more question and probably my last question for today. share your thoughts about the future, so you think everything is all set and we are just following the already written roles everyday. even i am going to write this question at mylot and you people will share your answers is already written somewhere and we will start doing that from this time onwards. palmistry and astrology will have a science if above is true? future ,past and present all are independent entities or what?einstein's parallel universal theory is a theory or something else?
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• India
18 Oct 08
Hi Astrology and all such things are predictive tool. These methods try to understand what is in store for future. Science also says that in different language that everything came, is coming, will come out from one great source which defines the course of action of those creation. So, we can reasonably believe that future is actually pre defined. Now if it means that astrology is a science, that's another topic.