Preparing for the party..many years ago!

October 18, 2008 12:14pm CST
A visit to Woolworths.With a little vision much may be done in regard to the decoration of the rooms,and of the table in particular.A visit to amar Woolworths will give a marvellous elasticity to the humble shilling.Numerous glass baubles can be purchased fro the christmas tree in exchange for the silver coin.Lay a mirror in the centre of the table and then place holly ivy and foliage on top of the mirror,the reflection will be superb.If you have a few china ducks put those on the mirror too,they will create the illusion of floating on the pond.Set the children to work the day befoe the party,give them some card.crayons and paper clips and ask them to design a party hat for everyone.Use those apaer streamers and those crepe paper bells,forget that electricity and gas have been invented and use candles,the lovliest shades are available in the `Nell Gwynn` range of candles. Advice from many years ago !lol
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