who is more important to you?

@deadlier (340)
October 18, 2008 12:28pm CST
is it your gf/bf, god, parents, spouse, children? or YOURSELF?
4 responses
• Philippines
20 Oct 08
GOD is more important to all. family is the next important for me and next is my LOVE ONE.
@MinruWind (194)
• United States
18 Oct 08
I don't know who is most important to me. : O Everyone I got to know is most important? I can't imagine how I would feel to lose any of them. I would value my friends, family, and other important people to me over myself. I'm one of those people who would risk my life for important people to me. ; ) A long time ago, I was most important to me, but I've changed so much since then, and I got to know more and more people. ; )
• Philippines
18 Oct 08
God comes first, then my parents but they are gone, so my bf next, then myself. How bout friends? They come next to my bf or it depends on the mood. Haha!
@shav9292 (928)
• India
18 Oct 08
there is no doubt for me that parents are the most important to me...parents are my god...i do sometimes get angry but ,,im just human... whatever i am today..it is because of my parents...and until there is breath left in me i will serve them.i am forever in their debt.