its love or an attraction

October 18, 2008 12:40pm CST
One of my friend likes one boy of my class very much and now she says she is in love with that boy.But i don't think so.I felt its just an attraction because all her activity points only this thing that this is an attraction.I tried very much that she understands this thing but she don't want too that.Now how can I make her understand. Can any one tell me what is the difference between love and attraction
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@sev123 (45)
• United States
19 Oct 08
Love is brushing your teeth while someone else uses the toliet. Attraction is when you don't want the guy to know that you even use the toliet! Just kidding, Love is a feeling that goes deeper than the physical appearence of the other person. Love is knowing that you want to be with that person when they get old, fat, bald, if they become disabled or anything else that could happen. Attraction is where you just want to be physical with someone and you don't consider the fact that the person will be different in the future. It sounds as if your friend has an attraction, which is not a bad thing, however using the word love is strong and can have consquences attached. I hope that your friend realizes that she has a crush and doesn't use her idea of infatuation to get into trouble with this boy.
• India
19 Oct 08
Yes I m totally agree with you and i did all the possible things to make her understand that she is on wrong path and tell all the minute as well as major differences between love and infatuation but she is not at all listen to my words what she believe s that i m jealous of her but that boy treat only just as a friend and to that thing she is considering love and now her situation is like that she is loosing her temper very easily always sobbing behaves like an insomniac i tried all possible ways for her sake and now only god can help her and she herself and no only am i right or not