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@dueken (72)
October 18, 2008 4:11pm CST
I just logged in here into mylot and saw that instead of my balance going up, it went down! Had $0.31 and today i have $0.30 and i posted messages yesterday dont understand that. also, on the Login page i saw a red banner saying conratulations I've won someting. It is not a prize from mylot but a outside lotto program. when i clicked on it to see what it was, it said i was going to a secure connection. They want my name, email, residential address. those things are scams arnt they?
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@annjilena (5620)
• United States
18 Oct 08
mine did that all day long yesterday my money was up and down and i worked yesterdy didn,t go up much after that but it kool can,t worry over a few penny.
@marina321 (4561)
19 Oct 08
I do not pay any attention to those annoying banners If they want your personal info, would definitely avoid them
@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Oct 08
hi dueken from now on until payout mylot redistributes money as it deletes any dciscussions that broke mylot rules then spreads money around between us all taking someof us down a cent or two and giving others a cent or two more.I dont know as those things are scams exactlybut you dont win anything until you agree to buy a co upleof things on their various banners that they will give you so its not reallyfree after all. you win it by agreeing to buy say one thing off the gold page, two offm the silver and q off the gold page, so you didnt get anyting really. its a sc am of sorts yes.
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@praveenjena (1304)
• India
19 Oct 08
hello, ya it happens certain times. also it may not be because of any fault of yours. i think that you must have responded to a discussion that may have been deleted because of some kind of violation of the my lot guidelines. that may not be a fault of yours!! well there is no need for you to feel sorry over that lost money. go on posting more and more content over here at my lot... you will certainly not get disheartened. you will start to enjoy it and have fun and at the same time earn some money. have a good day here at my lot.