what is it all about?

October 18, 2008 8:49pm CST
what is indie music? what is indie culture? it seems really interesting. being non-conformist and all when everything in this world seems to be all about getting to cope up with trends.
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• Malaysia
19 Oct 08
Indie or defines as independent is a movement that rose from the 80s underground scene. It is simply a term to classified the unsigned bands or artist or the artist itself signed to a independent label. Independent is a term where all the promotion, songs, gig, concert, recording and all the other stuff are done by themselves or amongst themselves. Usually this happens in the underground scene. By now many of us misinterpret the terms. In other words they don't go for commercial status. It's more than a DIY culture that makes it statements. Someone of us cited indie as a music genre but actually its not,its the way and the culture of doing things differently and independently.
19 Oct 08
Yeah, the definition of indie seems to have drifted a long way. A lot of it now seems to based around having a pair of skinny jeans and an angular haircut ;) Back in my teenage years I used to read a bunch of fanzines that had a fairly simple way of determining if a record was indie. They decided the only way you could be sure a record was indie (and had no hidden major label money behind it) was that it was released without a barcode on the packaging. I suppose nowadays, place like myspace do provide a great way for independent bands to get their music out there and heard.