Metallica - Death magnetic !! Amazing isnt it ??

October 19, 2008 1:16am CST
heya people, is there any metallica fan here on mylot?? Well i was thinking there just might not be even one of them over here, but if there is someone here , have you heard the new album by metallica called death magnetic. Its amazing. Espicially the new single out called, the day that never comes. Anyone heard about that???
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@Violette13 (1048)
• United States
17 Dec 08
Ack, i love old Metallica but i haven't been able to get behind anything they have done since the Black album. :( Especially St. Anger, gah what a terrible sounding album, not just the songs but the sound quality, just awful. :(
@wavelander (1528)
• Portugal
1 Nov 08
They are back to the good old sound, after doing St. anger that was really awful!
@arcidy (5013)
• United States
20 Oct 08
Its an okay cd thats better then there recent stuff but I wouldnt call it great since it seems that most of the songs sound exactly the same and theres only 10 songs I would rather listen to acdc black ice now thats a great cd but this is still good and good to listen to when your workigng out.
19 Oct 08
Hi geminipunk, i am sorry i have never heard of them but I'm glad you are enjoying listening to them, I sure there are a lot of fans here in Mylot so have fun. Tamara
@Humbug25 (12551)
19 Oct 08
Hi ya geminipunk I honestly say that I am not really into heavy metal and I am not sure if I have heard their latest single out but I might well have done as I listen to the radio a lot and they might have played it on there.
• United States
19 Oct 08
sorry, not my kind of music but glad u enjoy it. have a good sun.
• China
19 Oct 08
i am not the fan of Metallica, actually i am not the fan about any band or singer, but i like listening music, i like all the good music. i had heard their song before, i think it is amazing, full of power, but i don't listen their song right now, so thanks for your information, i will try to find it and listen. music forever!