Dear Obama haters-regarding ayers

@vellibiz (297)
United States
October 19, 2008 5:02am CST
if you thing Obama palls around with terroist consider the next few statements. 1. Are all the students ayers taught at chicago university Terroist's too? 2. Is the school the employed Ayers a Terroist training facility? 3. How about the others that served on the board with ayers and obama, do they pall around with terroist's? Cuz why dont we know their names? if a $ex offender moved next to you, does that mean that you and your neighbors support $ex offenses. Look we all know some people who got in some trouble, do you wanna be denied a job because you once knew a guy that shop lifted or stole a car? Its been proven under investigation that palin abused her power as governor, but obama haters dont care. Todd Palin, was in a group that wanted to succeed from the united states.But obama haters dont care, and she calls obama un-patriotic. Sometimes people's hearts are filled with so much hate, they dont care whats right or wrong or even what makes sense ( obamas swarn in on the quran) hatefull people belive anything that expresses hate.
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