October 19, 2008 9:28am CST
real friendship is a big achievement of life. now a day we are living in the mechanical life. in this crucial time, selection of a friend is a very difficult task. generally we are talking that. he or she can be your school, sports, social or other dependent on such a desire or activity and when that activity or desire get finished the friendship gets over on its own. i think that type of friendship has no value. here we are talking that type of friendship has no value. here we are talking about those friends who give you a best advice, support you in your life and stand with you in your dark times. they should do anything for there friends. i think full devotion is strongest attribute of friendship. please evaluate yourself. i pray, god will give you a best friend and satisfaction in you life.
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19 Oct 08
Hmmm ,I'm definitely agree with you ... We really should and need to search this kind of friend and the friendship ... It's lucky for me that i have some friends who are my high school students still contact with each other ... I think just as you discribed we really need some "real" friends who can share our happyness and sorrows ...and those who can help us get out of our bad situations ... This kind of friends are hard to find and the friendship is also hard to build and it needs our careful manage ... I'd like to make friends and hope to find some more friends ... Hope everyone can find his or her forever friends... Take care...