Do you run away from adversities?

October 19, 2008 11:41am CST
and say, "What will be will be.?". Happiness is as natural as a cloud rains.Suffering is unnatural.Every one of us entitled to a Happy life.It's because of our ignorance we suffer and resign to fate.happiness is the product of common sense.Happiness is the sum total of knowing the purpose of life and maintaining the relationships with our fellow human beings and family members.
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• India
19 Oct 08
where can we run sir if atall we want to run. i dont like escapism anyway. whatever comes one has to stand up and face the situation rather than sit and brood. maybe things happen the way they shouldnt. i blame only one prcent on karma or destiny other 99% is our own making. we reap what we sow. so when u want happiness spread it around you and it will grow into huge trees bearing you flowers and fruits,