High schooler needing financial guidance!

October 19, 2008 3:04pm CST
Okay, so I don't exactly need "guidance" since I already know my way around with money, but what I do need is some places (sites) to earn money working at home and stuff, ones that actually HIRE an inexperienced highschooler. I'm very good at computers and data entry is like a child's play for me _ and is there survey sites out there that actually send out surveys to non-US residents?! Even those that claim to be 'global' and I've registered for quite some time now haven't even send out a single survey or even email to me, not even once. I'm pretty sure the Americans get a whole lot more in their inboxes though... Do you know of a survey site that ain't a scam and actually gives surveys to people outside of america/europe? Or a place I can get 'virtual work' to get some extra bucks? I don't care if u even make me a referral just give me a good site and I'll register with the link u give me _ thanks
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