My laptop xp corrupet

October 20, 2008 2:06am CST
My laptop xp fail to start today when i try to load new copy on it the problem occured the setup was unbale to format the hard drive&unbale to delte the partion or create the new partion what problem is can anybody help me out
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• United Kingdom
31 Oct 08
When you say you tried to load a new copy of windows xp I presume, did you use your original windows installation disk that came with your laptop? You can't just use any windows xp disk, it has to be the original disk that came with your laptop. I'm going to recommend another site for you to check out as well. Go to this website They offer free technical help and I use them myself. You have to join up but this is free. You will find a lot of good advice there. Good luck. Andrew
• India
23 Oct 08
have u got the solution ????
• India
21 Oct 08
Dear, First tell me that you had tried to load another XP operating system or other OS. Secondly, are you installing through booting the system or from inside the running OS.
@annjilena (5620)
• United States
20 Oct 08
you should have left your partion in tacted you should have left your system the same before it broke down to apply window xp is easy to put if you know how to leave the systems intact when changing the windows.