darn inlaws

@despompa (472)
October 20, 2008 3:36am CST
my husbands bro went to our house last week to fetch their niece. i was surprised of his arrival because i was not at all informed. when he got home, i was in our room my lotting. he should be the one to approach me because it's my house and he's the visitor. i just couldn't imagine that all he did was go eat dinner then left the plates in the table and go in their room. i was about to freak out but my husband arrived and i don't want to cause a commotion because he is tired from school. the following day, when i woke up they already left the house with the cups of coffee all over the table. i was too stressed and started nagging about their lapses and that they are to step down my house asap. i was too embarrassed with they have done. please help i need your advise..
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@kingcrapper (1538)
• United States
20 Oct 08
Sounds like a real lack of communication with you are your husband. I am on my second marriage and I can tell you without communication, there is only trouble. Are you close enough to each other to share your concerns with him? Does he become defensive? When it come to the cups and plates, I would do what I do for my kids, they left it there, they need to clean it up. After not playing 'maid' to them, and eating off the same plate for a couple meals they get the idea.