Mortgage help!

Mortgage help - This place was awesome!
United States
October 20, 2008 9:47am CST
In life, at one point most of us will go through spell of not being able to make the mortgage. I myself have found myself there. Ashamed and embarrassed, as well as afraid of high intrest rates. I searched and scanned many places for help! I didn't want to rent any rooms, or add a third or fourth job to my life. I just needed some help. I found a great place where the people were very nice. They help answer any questions I had, ease any fears that were lurking and often gave advise. To think all I had to do was inquire. I get skeptical about filling out forms online and inquiring. They do have a phone number you can call. I like the fast service I received and it wasn't just for mortgage help. They also handled divorce- byouts. They also delt with debt consolidation, even if you declared bankruptcy. After all who hasn't thought about declaring bankruptcy? Anyways I thought it was a great place and want to do my part and give these people business. I fell totally in love with how helpful and friendly everyone was. I didn't feel like I was a total looser because I needed help, and didn't feel like they were going to take advantage of me either. You can check them out here and please let me know how you liked them as well! Http://
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