Whts your goal in life?

October 20, 2008 1:35pm CST
do u have any goal?do u keep working for it to achieve it?do u really devoted towards ur goal?do u feel sometime tht ur goal is not achievable? Hello guys lots of question but your one answer will make other motivated to set goals in there life....waiting for all ur respones buddies..
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• United States
21 Oct 08
yes i have goals. My goal is to complete college and become a CRNA in the long run. Give my parents a life of luxury. get married and have 5 children. I also would like to adopt. then Explore the world going to many classical concerts
• India
20 Oct 08
hello frnd!!! I don't think that i had only 1 goal in my life. well some i can share with u is to become successful in my life,To make my parents very happy n feel proud for me,to earn more knowledge,to learn more from my life,to earn more n more money.
@flance101 (137)
• Philippines
20 Oct 08
Hi! I have a lot of dreams, goals in life. :) My life may be too short for all of them, but it wouldnt hurt having a few more than one to give myself a few more reasons to smile. :) My goals define my life.. :) I am dedicated to my goals. I am that kind of person who is like always motivated. Well, that is how people see me. :P But still, there are times that I just feel like I wont be able to achieve some of my goals. However, instead of mopping around crying about these worries, these challenge me even more. I once said "if my current best is not enough, then I'll give more effort than my current best". Until now I still stick to it. The reason why I am this dedicated is because my goals are related to my family and to others. I dont want to die leaving nothing for my parents and sisters and the rest of the clan, and even others. I met a person who used to be like this, the way that I am, my grandmother. I was her favorite and she used to tell me things that even her children dont know. One day I will meet her again. And when that day comes, I want her to be proud of me. So just like her, I want to have a meaningful life.
@arpitaman (170)
• India
20 Oct 08
hi yes i have a hell lot of goals in my life and ya i have achieved some of them at the age of 20. My goals are to be a millionare before turning 25, Own a beautiful house a dashing car get married to the love of my life and have 3 kids before i turn 30 And most imp one i would like to make my parents and family happy And ya i have achieved a lot because am in stocks, earned enough, I am doing gradutaion from IIT and looking forward to doing mba from IIM
• Canada
20 Oct 08
my goal in my life is too also keep learning and growing and becoming the person i want to be and to continue to be a great wife to my great husband