You are useless. What do you think? Add to this post.

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United States
October 20, 2008 2:05pm CST
You are useless said the man to the cat. The cat simply laid comepletely unaware of the rude man. She was in blissful ignorance of the ways of the world. For she had never experienced a useless human before. Her parents cared for her and loved her very much indeed. she had never had to do anything. Her life waqs simply to sleep, eat, and play trhe hours away. Of course there was always the amusing mouse to play with and chase. She slepty on ignoring the loud and very rude man. Now, share you next part of this story and let's have some fun. I write fiction as well as aarticles on the net for sites. Show the forum your writing talents. you can have fun with it. There are no wrong storylines except violence to the cat. Personal preference there.
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