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October 20, 2008 3:53pm CST
The other day I was at work and I recieved a $50.00 payment in all 1 dollar bills. They seemed ok but I thought it was an awful lot of 1s. when I got to the bank, sure enough they were homegrown, i was suprised at how real they looked and felt. the government keeps changing the larger bills so people will not be able to recreate them, but this got me thinking... if someone is choosing to do this for a living (an illegal living :) ) 1 dollar bills would be the way to go!
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21 Oct 08
This is true. Although, I expect them to change the $1 soon as well, because they have just gone down the line with all of the other bills, so I am sure the $1 will be changed soon enough.
@galoforce (263)
20 Oct 08
erm.. they are changing it, so that on printers you buy. everything you print onto, it print an invisable yellow dot or somert. so they can see if money is counterifet straight off. though there will be a way to bypass it