how many discussions expressed by you are there in your mylot?

@wangkai (798)
October 20, 2008 11:21pm CST
hello every one on the mylot.i have already joined the mylot for about a month.i have already a great deal of discussions in my the same time i have rsponded a lot of discussions expressed by mylotters.i have uploaded a lot of photos in my mylot.however i only know the clear number of my photos in my mylot.i don't know how many discussionsthere are in my mylot.i wonder how to know the number.of course you may figer out the result by obsering each of pages.but i think that that is a foolish you know how many discussion expressed by you there are in your mylot?
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@wyz388 (119)
• China
21 Oct 08
oh.wangkai,it is very good that you start this discussion.i really do not know how many discussion there are in my mylot.if you do not allow to figer out each page.i hope others can tell the answer.good mylot.
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