DO you think adults can go TRICK or TREATING?

October 20, 2008 11:33pm CST
do you still go trick or treating? i think its mostly ment for kids but the holiday halloween IS for ALL ages.. have you ever had an sdult go up to your door. for treats? if not "THINK" what would you do? me I know i would laugh.I know i could get aways for passing as a older kid though cause I am only 5'1 which isnt very tall.Soo do you think it is ok for an ADULT to trick or treat????
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@maxilimian (3099)
• Indonesia
21 Oct 08
i never celebrate it, but if i found an adult wearing a costume Hallowen and goes up to my door, i'll shocked but i think it's ok, it's everybody day, and everybody has a right to celebrate it, don't let age cumbering it, so IT'S OK!
• Japan
21 Oct 08
Hi there sweety23ash. I wish there is a Trick or Treat for adults. I do want to experience that, but the thing is you will only received candies and chocolate from that, well cant have a lot of that (Willy Wonka's father will get angry, lol. Or maybe gifts will be different if its adult. But I dont think other people will find that cute, so I guess it will be for kids only, forever. Have a nice day.