Recommend youtube videos

October 21, 2008 3:36am CST
hey there i just wanted to see if anyone has any funny entertaining youtube videos they would like to share with me? my personal favourite is beached whale i cant link to long but just search it, its about a whale that gets washed up on a beach in new zealend i cracked up laughing. cheers
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@anil_u (8)
21 Oct 08
This one is coool type into you tube "This is how we roll in india" and watch how they drive :)
• India
21 Oct 08
Yeah thats cool anywayz welcome to my lot
@wrangel15 (1443)
• Philippines
22 Oct 08
Lately, I just watched funny videos of the Japanese game human tetris. You can try searching it in YouTube. It's really funny viewing those player in the game. If you find lip-syncing funny, search for the videos uploaded by moymoypalaboy.
@JayJashG (290)
• India
21 Oct 08
Some of the baby videos are just wonderful and i love watching them any number of times!:)
• United States
21 Oct 08
I can't link, but for entertaining videos I know, look up these users: smosh, nigahiga, communitychannel,kevjumba, and happyslip. heh smosh is probably the funniest though. have fun and enjoy. they're really popular so I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't seen a vid of theirs already!