A quick rant about insensitive kids who should know better

@rowantree (1190)
United States
October 21, 2008 6:47am CST
My daughter's 7th grade homeroom teacher recently informed the class that a local salon was offering pink hair extensions for $10 each to support breast cancer research. I had read this in our local newspaper and had meant to ask my daughter if she wanted to get one, but had forgotten about it until my daughter came home from school and told me about it. So I suggested to her that it would be nice if she asked one of her friends if she wanted to get one too...I won't go into the reasons why here. Her friend did want to, so I made the appointment and took them to the salon. When we got there, the stylist asked me if I wanted to get one too, so I said sure, since it's for a good cause. Well my daughter went to school and no less than 5 fellow students made fun of her hair extension. Now each one of these girls knew exactly what that hair extension was for and yet they ridiculed my daughter for getting it. I can't imagine how my daughter's friend felt, since she's in the same class. One of the girls has an alcoholic mother who was recently arrested for DUI and gave the arresting officer a Monopoly "get out of jail free" card during her arrest. So I realize that this girl certainly doesn't come from a home where she would be taught to be sensitive to another person's feelings. But how would that same girl feel if students ridiculed her for her mother's actions? I just can't believe parents can't be bothered to teach their children manners and to be sensitive towards another person's feelings! These kids are too old to behave this way and it's just awful. If these same girls continue berating my daughter today, I am going to take it up with the homeroom teacher.
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@palonghorn (5483)
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21 Oct 08
First off, I think it's great that your daughter and her friend wanted to do this. I wouldn't wait til they did it again, I would go to the homeroom teacher, since she also brought it up in class. Those girls knew what that stood for, however, you do have to take into consideration their parents. Some kids are sadly not taught manners, or respect for others, and unless someone else does, they won't ever learn. Sounds like that girl would rather ridicule someone else to take herself out of the limelight. As your other response, I would like to know how your daughter dealt with it.