How will react when your girlfriend or boyfriend quarrals with you?

October 21, 2008 10:09am CST
An uncomfortable affair took place today.My girlfriend quarraled with me just for some small affairs in life.When I typing some discussion with my friends in mylot,my girlfriend returned to the dorm.At first ,we talked about something ,when suddenly the topic came to some tiny affairs.She said I had not washed my clothes yet,taken the clothes outside into the room at time ,ect.She talked a lot ,and I got angry and just argued with her.So a "war "happened . Then guys ,how do you react when such affairs happen to you?How do you deal with it ?Thank you!
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21 Oct 08
Hmmm ,hi there ... DO you have a washing machine ,,, Why not put all your chothes needs wash into your machine and writing online then ... I think ,there is unnecessary to qurral in such a problem ... And when we live with our families we should be more understanding ,isn't it/// When we want to qurral with someone especially our lovers we should calm down first and think about the reason ,ask ourselves if it's worth a qurral ... Hmmm ,the way to control our feeling is to past a minite before you have a qurral.. Take care...
@rainmark (4302)
21 Oct 08
well im a girl and also sometimes happened that my husband do that to me, I just ignore it and try to understand him until he calm down. If he is mad, i try to clam down so the arguments never get bigger and i stay quite. happy posting.