Has anyone tried their PhoneHog Calling Card today?

@kykidd (6818)
United States
October 21, 2008 10:39am CST
Has anyone tried to use their Toll Free Phone Hog Calling Card today? I keep calling the 800 number and get a busy signal. I have tried calling other 800 numbers today to make sure that it wasn't just my phone, but that didn't seem to help. Just curious if something is wrong at the company. If you don't have a free calling card but want to sign up for one, you can sign up on my web site which is listed in my profile. Let me know if anyone else is getting through to the number.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
30 May 09
Have you ever gotten through? ... And Have you ever gotten paid? And what is their requirements? I was thinking of joining their affliate programs and seeing if I could partner with homeless groups to give them free phone cards, but I do not want to do it if the cards are not gonna work, and if I do not get paid.. If not.. Did you find a free calling or phone card program that did work, and does pay people to give away their cards? - DNatureofDTrain
@kykidd (6818)
• United States
1 Jun 09
I have been using their calling card for years. I just had problems that one day. Then later that day the calls went through. I usually only use my calling card when I am out of town. Sometimes my mom uses it when she is on a trip as well. We haven't had any other problem. I am not a member of their affiliate program, but they do pay me extra minutes if someone signs up under me. I think it is 25 minutes, which is pretty good. They send me emails daily. If you register for stuff, then they give you minutes on the phone card.