I sometimes wonder if people making the laws are really stupid or just ignorant

@mojcica (1512)
October 21, 2008 12:14pm CST
Im an employer and one of my emloyees just stopped coming to work in the middle of September. Not letting anyone know whats happening or even return a phone call. He just vanished. After I got a hold of his father he told me he is working abroad. But he was still employed by me. Anyway I gave him a notice and thats it. He still didnt return any of his working equipment or any tools or anything which belongs to the company. So I asked around to see if I can bill him for that and take it from his last paycheck. Which to me would be the most logical thing. But no, if I do that I'll be the one persecuted and paying the fine for doing that even though he does owe me. They say I HAVE TO give him all the money and then sue him for the money he ows me. I am so pissed at the system right now and really am wondering in the wisdom of some people in the system!!!
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• Philippines
30 Nov 08
hi in our company, what we do is, an employee who left the company should first process his clearance before he can get money. and if he owes something, his clearance wot be signed or it will be indicated that there will be deduction. the employee is knowledgeable with that. and the time he receives his final pay he signs a waiver that everything due to him was already given.
@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
30 Nov 08
Well thats the thing that would be the most natural and sane thing , but not according to the law. According to the law we cant deduct anything from his paycheck. We have to pay him and then sue him. If we do it the way you said it we can be charged for substential damages. Crazy I know...but its the law.
@sabbatha (287)
• United States
21 Oct 08
Yeah, that certainly doesn't make sense to me, especially since child support or back taxes can be taken out of a paycheck so why not lost equipment? And in the military if you get in trouble they can take half your paycheck. That isn't even for equipment or anything, just punishment. So if the military can take for not much reason at all, then the fair thing would be to allow you to take the money out of his chekc. But I definately agree the laws aren't always fair. At least you were smart enough to try to find out first before taking the money then ending up in trouble.