What langauge do you speak?

United States
October 21, 2008 5:55pm CST
I speak English and Spanish, and I'm currently learning French. What about you?
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@Simon1223 (902)
• China
3 Oct 09
My mother tongue is Shanghai dialect, which is a local language in China. I could also speak fluent Mandarin for it's the official language of China. For English has been a compulsory subject since elementary school, I could also speak English, not very fluently but enough to communicate with others. In addition, I used to spend some time learning German and Japanese. But it seems that I've almost forgotten how to speak both.
@seymiss (622)
31 May 09
I speak,english,french,creole,spanish and a lil' bit of italian and trying to go deeper with italian.
• Philippines
9 Apr 09
I speak Chinese (Mandarin, Fukien & Taiwanese dialect), English, Filipino and Bikol (Philippine dialect). I also know basic Japanese and some Spanish. During the last three years, I've been fond of speaking Korean but it didn't last because I eventually lost my interest in it. :P
• Philippines
28 Nov 08
I am fluent in speaking Filipino and English. I can speak a little Japanese and Spanish because we have been taught during my high school (Spanish) and college days (Japanese).
• Bangladesh
21 Nov 08
I speak Bangla, Hindi and English. I'm currently learning Spanish. Anybody want to learn Bangla, i can help you.
@kunizzul (1066)
• Malaysia
20 Nov 08
I know English and Malay only...
@dodo19 (43049)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
16 Nov 08
I can speak fluently in english and french. I'm also currently learning Italian and Sign Language.
• Philippines
25 Oct 08
I speak English, Tagalog (Language in the Philippines), and French. Right now I really want to learn either japanese or korean, I guess I got so into the anime and Korean movie craze here in our country that I wanna learn the language. LOL. By the way goodluck on your french lessons!! Just tell me if you need any help or perhaps practice.