how would you arrange the public holidays in china? welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 21, 2008 8:16pm CST
how would you arrange the public holidays in china? i disapprove the cancellation of the Golden Weeks. i prefer to add the days of the traditional festival. in one year, besides the spring festival, labor's day and national day are the longest holidays in the year. many people usually take use of this time to have a good time and relax. if they are cancelled, people nearly have no time to go out for ahving a rest. three days is not enough even for taking vehicles. i do not like the Golden wEEK. Almost all the people are on holiday, there are so manu people when you go out. whne you go shoping, there are crods. when you travel, there are crowds. it seems that we go holiday not to entertain but to see crowd people in the stret ot sighting spots. i would like there are some holiday for traditional chinese holiday sucha s dragon boat festival and middle antumen's day so that we can stay with our parents or relatives. i prefer golden week than other means of days off. cause there are something you ahve to take a long period time to go , two days or three days are not enough. such as going abroad to have a trip. but the golden week should not be at eh same time on may day holiday or national holiday. you can arrange you golden week individually according to your own paln.
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