Is it fair to let insane people to harm other people and just let them go free

@kens425 (436)
October 21, 2008 8:16pm CST
I have a schizophrenic neighbor who is in the paranoid stage, he always harms other neighbors especially children, harass and molest women, while the parents of the guy does nothing at all to stop him. sometimes i get irked and want to hit him myself but other neighbors stop me from doing so and told me just let him be. what if he goes too far , feeling bad about this i am posting this for all mylotters to read in the hope i can find a good solution about this.
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22 Oct 08
If he is HARMING other people and CHILDREN he needs to be restrained, those children could be mentally damaged by this behavior, taught that its ok to be a bad person simply because they are clinicly insane, now this isnt bad until you realize how "inventive" some kids can get in their teen years, and they remember what happens at the times like this, if he is in a stage where he is harming people, he needs to be restrained until the stage is over. whether by his family, neighbors, or asylum, w/e these children should not be punished by this man for no reason. if he is continually doing it, its clear cut, he needs to somehow be restrained.
@kens425 (436)
• Spain
22 Oct 08
I agree with you lilpix, many times i want to restrain him myself but i must hurt him to do so, thats why i end up being restrained myself by other neighbors. I feel sad that nobody else seem to care that he does his ways freely, even the local government agency in charge of this does not seem to care. are they still waiting for an untoward incident before they act?
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15 Apr 09
Even for being schizophrenic and in full-blown psychosis (or so it sounds) he should recieve some sort of punishment for his actions. Just because he probably doesn't understand right and wrong is no excuse for him to walk free--he's obviously committed crimes, and he needs to either spend time in jail or in the hospital. Either way, jail or hospital, I think he should get some hefty fines, too.
@AJ1952Chats (2338)
• Anderson, Indiana
12 Jan 09
The good solution would be to let the professionals handle this situation. Hitting a sick person because you're mad at him says something about your own level of stability. That is, but for God's grace, there go you. Sadly, this man is a menace to those around him and would be better off either in a sheltered environment or else in having a more sheltered environment brought to him. He's a victim, too, because his parents don't seem to know what to do with him, and, therefore, he's simply allowed to do what he pleases when it pleases him. Your neighbors have a right not to have to put up with him or anyone else who is abusing them, and they need to help the parents to find the proper resources for creating a happy ending for everybody. This man is, obviously, not very happy about something. Perhaps, if he were sent to live in a group home with people who have similar problems, he wouldn't be so angry all of the time. Because of your response of wanting to hit him because you're irked instead of wanting to find a constructive way to remedy the situation, it makes me wonder about your own level of anger. That is, are you just angry with this one sick man? Or, are you simply angry with life and have selected him to be a scapegoat? Something to think about...