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October 21, 2008 8:48pm CST
I have two little girls. Ages 2 and 4. They are really smart. Almost too smart. Anyway one day we were at the park with anopther little girl. So there was this guy with dog. It was Obvious the dog did not like children. And on top of that the pwner said he dosent like children. So my older duaghter was running around and ran up on this dog way too fast and I reached her in time to grad her. Seconds before the dog bite her and wich is exactaly what was happening. I turned her around hand smacked her hand. I told her Never run up to any dog like that. And shes already been told that. Now there just happend to be a woman on a bench close by and she started cursing me out for smacking my child. Now mind you it was her hand and it was not like i hurt her or made her bleed it was to grab her attention quickly. Anyway this woman is literally cusring me out right infront of my children. She screamin about child abuse and what not. I'm like are u serious And I started walking awya then she gets on the phons and she I guess trying to call the cops so I let because I actually felt like letting her know what a real smack from me would be like. But you cant tell me that that wasent really dramatic.
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@fwidman (11515)
• United States
22 Oct 08
Child abuse? A smack on the hand? Oh, brother! Maybe she would have been happier if the girl had a dog bite instead. Some people need to learn to mind their manners, and their own business. It's your kid, you have the right to smack her hand to teach her a valuable lesson.
@psspurgeon1 (1109)
• United States
22 Oct 08
What would be worse, a learning smack on the hand to prevent a potential lifethreatening event or actually being bitten by this dog and suffering those consequences. I personally wouldv'e told that lady to shut her pie hole or I would call the cops on her for harassing my family. I don't know how you kept your cool. People just don't know when to mind their own freakin business. Good luck with that!
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@ljmacca (86)
• Turkey
22 Oct 08
OMG what a pathetic nosy busybody woman. i would have slapped her hand too for being so rude lol. what right has she to tell you what to do, especially when like you say a slap was better than a bite off a strange dog. i have used a slap on a hand many a time if my daughter have done something like that or something naughty. its not like you were pulling down her pants and belting her backside. some people take things too dramatically and extremely. i would nothing of doing the same if i were in your shoes, and well done you for sticking up for your rights as a parent and standing your ground knowing you had done nothing wrong at all. the last time i checked 1 slap did not get considered as child me all riled now i detest people like that, my girls are 9 and 3 and ive been in your position, (muppets)