life and snow? welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 21, 2008 9:07pm CST
do you love snow? it is the darkest season and more darker without snow. during the end if october we got about 30 cm snow in northern finland. now it is all gone. i like snow it is the beautiful moment in my life/ i so not quite understand, you have to mean whether we have some kind of festivals during the darkest day of hte year december 21 th. after which light beats the darkness. no we actually ave not but there are some traces of this idea in the christian spent the 25th of december. as far i know early christians and i am still wating for a white christmas. my daughter is coming to her father with all the three children of her boyfrjend. white christmas with an opportunity to make snowwen would be much better. yes i like snow with an opportunity to make snowmen. i grow up in south china and never see snow until this year i went to beijing city, when i wake up in the morning and look outside the window everything is white, the houses the trees, and the ground, every thing coverd with snow. it is my frist time to see it in reallity and in can not forget it in my life. it see,s like to snow soon in beiing , the weather is getting colder day be day, gos bless the stray cats living in my community.
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• Philippines
22 Oct 08
I like to say that I love snow but I haven't experience it yet to have a winter season. Because here in our country we only have 2 season, rainy season and summer season.... But I really want to live in a place where their is snow so I will be able to touch and play with the snow.