Smoking! A killer from the beginning!!

@Mahindan (563)
October 21, 2008 10:16pm CST
I am a smoker and not at all proud about it. The first time i picked up a cigarette was the first week of June 1994. I was mad at my father, who was a smoker back then, so at the age of 17 decided to show him that i was not scared of him and that i could do whatever i liked. Its been 14 years and i am still smoking. As for as my health, it had deteriorated ever since. I was the best defense man in my soccer team, second place holder in track and field and an avid badminton player. Now i can't even run a block! I wish i hadn't touched that first cigarette. What would happen if all of a sudden the government kills the tobacco industry? Would it benefit the people? Would it get reduce the death by cancer? Should the government ban tobacco industry? Or should they tax them heavily?
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