Swallowing the Frog

October 22, 2008 12:02am CST
Handling the hardest and the most important task of the day and finishing it successfully is called "swallowing the frog" in the Self development parlances.By doing this, you will be setting a tone for a promising day.Your spirits soar up.There is nothing like it to give a positive momentum for the rest of the day and for a fruitful day too.
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1 Feb 09
Hahahahaha! I have never heard that term before! But I do it everyday! I have discovered the hard way that if I do the most important things first and get them out of the way that, it sets the tone for my whole day, just like you said. But more importantly they get done! When I would wait until later on in the day or evening to do them they mostly didn't get done... not only that but as the day wore on I would be stressing out over having to do them later! Hehehhe, I can't wait to swallow a few frogs tomorrow!