is it easy to find a part-time job in australia?

October 22, 2008 12:16am CST
hey ,guys...i'll go to australia for further study.but at weekend i want to hunt a part-time job to make some extra money and get some experience from life... but is it easy to find the chance?!and what quality should be needed?! thanks ^ ^
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@oldboy46 (2132)
• Australia
11 Nov 08
There is work available but finding a job that fits in with your studies might mean you have to look for just the right thing. If you are a student, then I am sure that other foreign students who are already here will be better equipped to give you current information on what is available. Of course with the current economic conditions, we in Australia is affected just as other countries are throughout the world are. In many instances when jobs are available preference will be given to those who are residents because they are often more flexible with regard to time and working hours. Three other factors to be taken into consideration. Even if you already have a visa you will not be allowed to enter my country unless you can prove that you have sufficient funds to pay your way as well as live while here. That means you have to have enough money to survive without the need to find a paying job while you are here studying. You will also not be allowed to work any more than 20 hours a week - absolute maximum - if you are on a stdent visa and you MUST attend classes, which is the reason you have been granted a student visa. If you are found to be working at all for more than 20 hours a week or not attending your education classes, then you will be deported. If you are here on a working holiday visa, you can work but only for a certain amount of time with the one employer. I think it is 6 months but not entirely certain of that. You cannot study here if you are on a working holiday visa. Finally it depends on where you are doing your education course as to the availability of work. The other thing to consider is what sort of transport you will be using to get to and from your work to home and place of study.
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13 Nov 08
thanks for your detail information`~~ i think if you'll study abroad,you must make sure that your family have enoguh money to support you to study~or else,you'll be hard to get a visa! right?!
• China
1 Nov 08
maybe it's easy to find a prat-time job.but now the whole world were affected by the economic crisis,some the local citizens were left their jobs,then there still more chance for you ?! so ,you should be up,and hardworking. guy ,make a best wish for you ``` have a nice life there~~~
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1 Nov 08
thanks .i'll remember what you said.* *
• India
31 Oct 08
I personally had not visited australia,but many of my friends are doing partime jobs while studying,so they told me that it is easy to find partime jobs.
31 Oct 08
thanks a lot``` ^ ^ i hope so ```haha... then i can buy whatever i want by my own wages..what a nice thing!