PTC comment!

October 22, 2008 3:45am CST
I know there are many people here who makes money with ptc sites. However, I find that it is very difficult to make a reasonable amount of money in ptc without any investment. Most sites also disappear before you can reach payout. Even if they don't disappear, they will try to delay your payment and also increase the payout amount. The tactic that they use is you will start the site with a low payout, such as a $2 payout. Then as days pass by, they will increase it to a higher amount, such as $6, citing that they have too many payment to make. I am really frustrated with such a site. Well, the worst of the lot are those sites that vanished after you have made hundred of clicks in them. These site owners are indeed very greedy, as they collected upfront payment for the ads in their site and after their members viewed them, the site owners decided to keep all the money paid by the advertisers to themselves. These are indeed immoral people who have absolutely no conscience at all and will do anything to maximize their profits. It is these sort of people that will kill the ptc industry one day.
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