Pay to Search!? The best way to earn!!! I get paied!

October 22, 2008 8:07am CST
Hi! I am using a really good site to earn some extra money, this site pay us to search in the internet like we do every day for free in google or yahoo! We can search about what we want! is really easy earn some money! In my first month I earned, and get payment, about 30 pounds (this site pay us in pounds, what worth much more than dollars!!!) without referrals!!!! In the second Month I earned, and get payment by paypal, 43,85 pounds! With only 2 referrals!!!! This site will pay you about one cent of pound (if you are european you will earn more!!) per search!! And there are no limit to searchs!!! So, much better than anny PTC, is not? They accept all international members and pay by PAYPAL, check, banck transfer and others!!! If you want paymento proof I put my here in mylot, just look for it using the search box in the top of the site. If you liked the idea ask me or visit my profile where you can find the link! Good Luck!
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@manvik (981)
• Hungary
22 Oct 08
Thanks for the information.Really its agood site,I hope. I am a new member there.Yesterday I searched 2 pages and I found .02p in my account.So its not bad.Earning .02p in 1 second. Are you sure there is no limit to searches?Because I read in some forums that maximum number of searches you can make is 90 a day?I am not sure of that.Anyway good news that they paid you.
• Brazil
22 Oct 08
Hi, I dont know about any limit.. I already search more than 90 times in one day and had no problem.. Keep using this site, is really easy earn some money!