do you think those killers and crime doers know how to love?

October 22, 2008 10:29am CST
i believe those people have hearts but they dont know how to love. cause if they do why do they kill, why do they punish other people? that only means they dont have conscience and deserve to be in jail.. in your opinion those criminals know how to love as well? even though they are heartless in doing crimes?
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@yangmay (27)
• China
23 Oct 08
i still have difficulty to identify what is love. but for these criminals, for my perspective, they rely on someone they "love" too much.they have almost no other desirable events to hope for like a properous busiess, no other matters costing their devotion like dream of travelling the world, and no other relationship from which they get comfort like considerate family members. in their career, they are bothered by tedious work, annoying and jealous colleagues and money chasing boss. whatever you entirely rely on ,the collaps of that masion will depress you to the edge of break. cold as they seemed, they are enmotional and pine for affection desperately. they are poor to some extend. more than that,i think this agent of criminal "the only reliance" theory can be applied to explain other kind of depression or conviction as well.
• India
23 Oct 08
I feel that they will also have all sort of feelings. Love, anger, joy, fun everything but they will not show it out because they are not supposed to as they would have bought up like that from the day they have born. Even I have heard about so many terrorists from Pakistan will have their families and all..Even in India also I have heard that many people who are into crime will have their own family. So even these people will be knowing how to love as well.
• United States
22 Oct 08
Its really very simple. If you love yourself then you are able to love others. These people obviously have had some kind of programming by their parents or wherever that they are bad people and therefore they have a hard time liking themselves. These types of people will never be able to love or be kind until they break away from their pasts and take control of their own lives and know that its not them its their programmer that was wrong. Lots of these people will never learn that in this life time. There are people with very strong minds that do break away and learn to love again as they learn to like themselves.