@teresat (156)
United States
October 22, 2008 9:46pm CST
I was wondering if this was happening to anyone else. It seems about every hour or two, this site automatically signs me off. It doesn't happen to other websites I frequent, so it must have something to do with this site. Are there settings I can change? Has this been happening to anyone else?
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@flowerchilde (12538)
• United States
23 Oct 08
I've never had that happen! Happily.. Hope it has cleared up for you!! Seems like the "cookies" isn't being kept..?
• Malaysia
23 Oct 08
I have been experiencing the same thing too. But I think it has something to do with the server because when there are too many people opening this site, we might get disconnected because of the interference or conflict between internet lines. Mylot has 148,588 members up to the time I am typing this discussion, and this number is a lot. If everybody is online at the same time there is usually some problems which will occur. Just this morning I had difficulty to enter mylot and for one hour I did nothing but shutting down and switching on my computer until at last the connection is alright by the time it is nine o'clock in the morning. And just now at around 11 o'clock the same thing happened again but I think it is because of the virus or something about my computer. But I tried to login again and it turned out to be okay. As long as you don't get rejected from mylot and your connection speed is okay, it should be fine. Not to worry.
• India
23 Oct 08
hey may be it is the problem of the browser u r using ...some of my frds have also the same prob...try setting up the internet option setting in a better...may be ur browser cookies turned off...there might be some prob with ur net or pc because mylot is never down!!! Gud luck!!hope i helped u somehow!!
@KrauseHome (36340)
• United States
23 Oct 08
Wow, I have never had that issue here myself. I wonder if somehow there is something you need to change in your Cookie settings or something to keep this from happening? I can keep logged into myLot even if I am offline not active in here more than a day. I can remember only once in like maybe the last 6 months having to resign in here ever. Hope you can find out your problems in here, and wishing you the best.