hi why in the world everybody thinks Im not so good a musician as others

October 23, 2008 2:16am CST
Hi I make them stupid atonal melodies, they're so beautiful that I stopped listening to anything else, just listening to my stuff and thinking 'what a lovely intelligent man'. I do on purpose rhytms that do 'bounce' singing that will make you 'bounce' high. check out at; www.nikifour.mp3.wp.pl
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• China
24 Oct 08
i have listened it, and i think you got a magentic voice, i think you can sing good songs, but sorry to say this genre is not my type, and i don't like this style. but i am so glad to see your emotion on music, keep working, music forever!!!
• Malaysia
23 Oct 08
I'd heard weird and stupid song more sillier than this. In fact you the got tempo right. I can see the point what are trying to make maybe by making this kind of song it should be labeled as stupid song genre. So it's should be nice within the category. But seems it always commercial stuff that people used to listen your song is a bit out of this world. even the the late Frank Zappa is considered genius despite his works sounds like some ****. Although it suck but you have to make sure that properly structured and not just simply make it sound stupid.
@funnysis (2619)
• United States
23 Oct 08
I listen to it and it sounded ok but I would not give up all music for it sorry,It had a good beat and tempo,the sinking was a little off but it was over all ok.Have a great day.