the only way to rich,do our own business.

October 23, 2008 2:27am CST
it's hard to live a good life. i think it's very stupid to provide our boss with labour force,and get wages from them.we are deprived of extra profit to fullfill their dreams.our labour force are not infinite to this,how can we get rich? in terms of the world top millionaires,rare are depend their rich hope on their boss.almost all have their own other words,we must become the boss. there are lots of opportunities around's just a question of where and when we start to grab it.if you have the interest in doing business for your own,please contact me. yahoo messanger account : what is business?business is the process of make extra profit and provide you a good life.
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@kenchihi (121)
• Malaysia
23 Oct 08
Yes, definitely, the best way to be financially rich is to have your own business. It is undeniable. Though, it is also undeniable that starting your own business involves a lot of risks and uncertainties. That is probably the reason why not everyone are their own boss. Sure, it does not 'seem' fair that you are MAKING money for whoever that owns the company in your work in, but I believe the profit is the fruit of their labor, in the form of daring to take risks. If everyone becomes their own boss, who will be doing the hard labor then? Perhaps, the world needs more automation. Then, everyone can be their own boss.
• China
23 Oct 08
yes.not everyone can be their own boss. but there are bosses exist,why did you rule you out of the boss club. only because you need to take risk?do you think a whole third-class life is not enough to risk? we will be perhaps failed,but hope exist.there is an old saying :goals determines what you are going to be. if you just want to be third-class,you will be.
@moorange (319)
• Philippines
16 Nov 08
definitely i agree with what you've said. to be rich is to do your own business.
• China
1 Nov 08
recently,I am reading a book callde RICH DAD.Your idea is similar to his . we should have our own bisiness. we should be the boss of ourselves. depend on the salary ,we won't be a richman forevry.
@excellence7 (3571)
• Mauritius
27 Oct 08
Hi dear I really want to do my own business and to become a successful person in life. To be my own boss is what I desire. Please provide me with ideas and tips.