Sadness is my Best friends...........

October 23, 2008 4:12am CST
Really friends I am telling truth to you sadness is the best friend of me.I don't like Happiness.I like to be a sad.
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• Malaysia
24 Oct 08
If you say this it means you are used to being sad. I understand how it feels. When you are constantly in sadness, the feeling is mixed evenly inside you and now you no longer feel happy about anything. Yes, I admit that I am too liking to be sad at time. But when happiness comes into my life, I can't deny but enjoy it too but I seldom seek for happiness. It just come into my life with or without my expectation. Before I got married, I have cried many times because of our difficult relationship. After I got married, I cried too because there are new difficulties that we have to face together. I have cried too much in my life, and sadness had overwhelmed me. But don't get too sad my friend, because sometimes we need happiness in our life. Do enjoy yourself a little bit.
@celestos (814)
• United States
23 Oct 08
I know alot of people that like to be sad actually,you are not alone in it.