have you heard of "flipping" websites for profit?

October 23, 2008 8:18am CST
recently i spotted a google adwords add on a website which offered information on 2flipping" websites to make a profit i didnt click the add 'cause i only click when i want something so the guy on the other side doesn't get charged now i wish i had... the idea has got my attention i assume it is like buying a house and refurbishing it then selling for a profit i will look into it with google search but for now has anyone heard of this method before? if you have please let me know add me as a friend too
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@paid2write (5201)
25 Oct 08
I did a search for "flipping websites" and the results brought up lots of sites selling ebooks and showing videos about it. I did find some free information about what it is in a blog post, and it is as you say about buying and selling sites for profit. I think you do need some knowledge about what to look for, when to buy, sell etc. but I'm sure that information can be found and learned without having to pay for it, unless you really want to buy the ebook and have it all explained. I wish you success, if you do decide to try it, and don't forget to post at myLot about how well you are doing when you start making big money!
• Ireland
25 Oct 08
hey thanks for the information i haven't had a look into it yet as i t takes "seed" money which i don't have ... yet maybe in the new year i give "flipping" a go but for now i am working on my social networking and my squidoo lens among other ideas yes i will keep my mylot friends up to date on what i am trying and which things are working