Pay to Search!!! The best Way to earn!!! I get payment 2 times!

October 23, 2008 9:47pm CST
Hi everyone! I am using a really good site that pay us to search in the net! Yes, like we do using google or yahoo for free! We can search about what we want and get paied for it! In my first month using this site I earned, without referral, about 30 pounds (they pay in pounds, what is much better becouse worth much more than dollars!!) in the second month I earned 43,85 pounds with only 2 referrals!!! If you want to see the payment proff I posted it here in mylot look for it using the search box in the top of the site. This site pay about one cent of pound (if you are from europe or USA you will earn more than it, about 2 or 3 cents of pound) per search!! And We can search how many times we want!! So, much more than any PTC, is not? They accept international members and pay by PAYPAL, check, bank transfer, and others!! If you like the idea ask me more about or visite my profile where you can find the link! Good Luck!
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• China
24 Oct 08
we are living to learn to earn, diversity is a good point on learning.
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