Are you a good listener ?

October 23, 2008 11:24pm CST
I believe i am a good listener myself, i like to listen to people when they have problems regarding their life or relationships. I will give advices to them after hearing their problems and i believe i have help quite a few of my friends with my advices. What about the fellow lotters here? are you a good listener or a bad one? do you like to give advice to those who confide in you? please share~
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@Humbug25 (12551)
24 Oct 08
Hi ya swarovski87 Yes I do think I am a good listner and too like it when my friends can come to me with their problems. I would only give people advice if they ask me and sometimes they just want to talk and not told what to do.
• Singapore
24 Oct 08
Hi everyone, its great to know that many people out there are great listeners too! same as me. hehe. I personally think its great to have good listeners as friends because we can tell them about our problems, be it family or relationship problems. So that we can ask for advise from them, be it positive or negative advice, its better than not having any advice in my opinion.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
24 Oct 08
I know I have been a good listener to friends. I am very patient to them especially when they want to rant on something, but I sometimes feel that my friends are selfish because whenever I need someone to listen to they seem to have no time nor fail to just give me an ear.
• United States
24 Oct 08
i am a very good listener. i give advice if i think they want advice if not i just listen to them & let them get it all out.
@cristis12 (125)
• United States
24 Oct 08
I believe I am a great Listner through and Through I have always been there for any friends that I have had and They all stabbed me in the back oh well though there are more people better people and Then there are bad ungrateful Losers in my opinion!