Pay To Search!!! The best way to earn! I get payment 2 times!

October 24, 2008 7:31am CST
Hi everyone! I am using a really good site that pay us to search in the net like we do every day for free with google or yahoo! Yes, You earn to search about what you want!!! If you want payment profs I posted here in my lot, just search using the search box in the to of the site. In my first month I earned about 30 pounds (they pay us in pound, what worth much more than dollars!!!) without referrals!!! In my second month I earned 43,85 pounds with only 2 referrals!!! In this site you will earn about one cent of pound per search (if you are from europe or USA you will earn about two or tree centes per search)!! Much better than any PTC, is not? The best, there are no limit of times that you can search!!!! This site pay us by check, PAYPAL, banck transfer, and others! And Accept ALL INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS!!! If you liked the idea ask me more about or visite my profile where is the link! Good Luck!
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