Ebay ads on mylot - how can I find it?

@coffeebreak (17815)
United States
October 24, 2008 10:26am CST
Those ebay ads at the top of the page here on My Lot - they go so fast, and change all the time. That is not the first thing I look at when I open a page, and usually not interested in shopping at hte moment as I am thinking of disussions and havinag fun here - but, while thinking as I type, or just my eyes wandering and a glimps from the corner of my eye thing - I see something there just as I am clicking to submit! I can't stop the progress and by the time the submit goes through, the page turns and the ad is gone. I just got a glimps so not sure that what I was seeing was what I would want, but sure looked interesting. Just now, I saw what I think was 2 cookie cutters - a priness crown and slipper. Okay, I went to ebay and did a search and didn't find it. But then again, if I had, I might have just bought it right there - if I were to click on the item while IN MyLot, MyLot would have got a "commission" from my purchase (at least I think that is how it works!) so why don't MyLot make them stay with the transaction a little long or maybe do some kind of search option so if you see something like this... you can pull a drop down menu to view "recent advertisers" (or whatever those ads are called) so we can shop through ML. This has happened often to me. ' On the other hand, that Classmates.com or whatever it is is ALWAYS right there on top and seldom moves - at least it doesn't seem to move. ANy ideas on how I can find an ad that displayed on a previous page?
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