The money cann't buy my love!!!!

October 24, 2008 7:49pm CST
Money is considered by some people as the most important thing in life.They think that the majority of the material things in our daily life has to be bought with money and that if they have a lot of money,they can make themselves very comfortable by having a fine house to live in,beautiful clothes to wear,and delicious food to eat,etc. Is money all powerful?I don't think so.Beacuse I have such kind experience in my life.I have fallen into love with my girl friend have nearly four years.My family is not so rich.But my girl friend still loves me,and I extremly love her too.We don't dicuss by moeny anyone.Our focus is on the relation and emotion,love. It is not at all powerful to do anything in some areas.
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@artibg (292)
• Bulgaria
25 Oct 08
I agree with you that money is not everything. There are definitely some things in life which can't be bought with money, and love is one of them. Some people might not agree with this point of view but money is not what makes my life. May be the reason is because my family is not rich as well and i have never known what means to be a rich man. In this sense spiritual 'wealth' is of greater importance to me. happy mylotting