Do you travel each year????

October 24, 2008 8:04pm CST
People who like travelling have their reasons.They maintain that travelling can help them expand their scope of knowledge,especially geographical and historical learning.They go on to point out that touring will proivde more chance of them to enjoy food and try on clothes that they otherwise cannot possibly have. Nomatter which reason you choose,I always travel when the holliday comes.I would like to climb the mountain,enjoy the fresh air from diffent places. Do you have it often????
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@maximax8 (29543)
• United Kingdom
25 Oct 08
I love traveling because I am so interested in visiting as many different countries as possible. I like to meet the local people, see the scenery and watch the native wildlife. I enjoy hearing foreign languages, seeing different cultures, finding out about the history and buying souvenirs. Over the years I built up a collection of costume dolls from around the world. I think that I enjoy cities, coast, country and mountains. Traveling is educational and walking, climbing and swimming keeps me fit. In my younger days I could carry a 20 kilo backpack really easily and I stayed in backpacker hostels. Now I take a little less luggage and stay in locally owned guest houses unless I seek out more unusual accommodation. In Jordan I stayed on a flat roof, in Belize I stayed in a tree house and in Germany I stayed in a castle. Traveling at least once a year is essential to my happiness.
• Malaysia
25 Oct 08
I travel every year but not to overseas places. I don't have much money to do that. But my husband and I make sure that we have at least one traveling to enjoy each year. And we often do it during the month of our festival which is called the month of Syawal. It has been a tradition in our family to go somewhere. It is like a honeymoon to us, because we don't have kids and we have all the time to ourselves. Last year we went to Bagan Lalang, a beach in the state of Selangor. It is situated near Sepang, a place where Malaysia is having the biggest go kart racing. In fact I think it is the biggest in Asia or something. In the next five years, Bagan Lalang will turn out to be the Sepang Gold Coast because now it is undergoing a big construction. The developer is building chalets 1.5 kilometers towards the open sea. One chalet costs RM750k if you want to purchase it and this is the cheapest unit. This year we are going to Genting Highlands. In fact I am going today. WHAT A GREAT FEELING! Wow. I am very happy today. I am going to pack after I have done posting here. Actually I am still at work and I will wait for my husband to return from work too. This afternoon we will be going off. We will sleep there for two nights and enjoy the coldness weather there compared to the hot weather here where I live.