Do you like to have a walk on the seashore for enjoy your life?????

October 24, 2008 8:13pm CST
Not very for from my house lies a seashore to the south.We can go there on foot in about 10 minutes.In summer evenings when the sun is setting,my father lide to take me with my sisters to have a walk along the seashore.Though we do not like the loneliness of the place,we are glad to enjoy the coolness of the sea breezes and the beautiufl scenery of nature. The beach is rather rough with many big and samll tones on the surface.The sand is also very big in form and brown in colour.At the time of low tide,we can see the reefs appearing out of the water.It is not fit for swimmers to come here to bathe,so it is quiet all year. On the sea, we can see the distant fishing boats sailing back to the harbour to anchor there at night.The setting sun looks like an immense egg yolk.The sky turns into orange red and the surface of the sea glitterlike a sheet of gold leaf.The waves beating at the rocks sounds like music.A walk on the seashore is always enjoyable.Have you haven it ?????
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@Hatley (164081)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Oct 08
hi victory 999 I love to walk on the beach and look for pretty shells ,and sea worn pieces of glass, and bent seawashed pieces of wood, they make up into charming pieces of ' craftwork.Also iget all serene and peaceful inside. I have not been for awhile but when we get moved,we are on a bay we will find a place to walk on the sandy beach.
@adihindu (1922)
• India
25 Oct 08
yah I like very much to walk on the seashore. But sea is not that much short to me. It is 15 km far away from my house. we will enjoy the seashore every month. Happy myLotting.
@maximax8 (31165)
• United Kingdom
25 Oct 08
Going to the sea shore three miles away from my home is one way for me to enjoy my life. I like to feel the soft ocean breeze and hear the sea gulls. I enjoy walking along the yellow sandy beach and climbing up the sand dunes. I love to view of the two islands, old pier and headland. I adore nature and seeing time in the Great Outdoors. I like to see pretty shells and colorful pebbles. I love to travel and it is my top hobby. I like to go to tropical beaches with white sand and gently waving palm trees. I enjoy snorkeling to see colorful coral and friendly fish. It is lovely to watch the sunset when the sky turns from blue to orange and then black. In the dark night sky I adore looking at the stars shining brightly. In New Zealand I did the Abel Tasman Walk and it is past lots of pretty beaches, involves some river crossing that need to done at low tide and has campsites along its way. I walked it, taking many photos and camped in my tent at a different spot every night. Wow!
@abyin007 (426)
• India
25 Oct 08
i rarly go to spend my times in seashore..... i feel very happpy to see the vast sea. and i always think of something good when i see it.. i enjoy that moment.. but i dont enjoy it for my life.. there r lot more than that to enjoy in life...
@paid2write (5201)
25 Oct 08
I am also very lucky because the seashore is just two minutes walk from where I live, on the south coast of England, and I walk there often. I get a fresh sea breeze through my windows at home and I can see the sunset most evenings. In summer the beach is busy with bathers but in the spring, autumn and winter I can have the beach almost to myself. I like to follow the edge of the waves and I enjoy it when the wind is strong, and the waves get bigger and louder. I see many small boats, big ferries and some tall ships, sailing by. I live near a navy base so I can also watch the warships setting out and returning to base. In the distance I can see some huge container vessels and large luxury liners sailing to another city port further along the coast.
• Philippines
25 Oct 08
It is definitely a good idea on how to celebrate or to enjoy life. Sound of nature is very pleasing to the ears and a view of the beach is also pleasing to our eyes. We can forget our problems on a quiet place like the beach just hearing waves of the sea. You can throw away all your problems and have a peace of mind on the seashore.