Health and wealth,which to prefer???????

October 24, 2008 8:37pm CST
Money is important,but not everything.Money can not buy health.Without health,even if you are rich,you can not enjoy life.You have very good food,but you can't eat,you have money to enbale you to enjoy every pleasure,but you can't leave your bed. On the other hand,if you are healthy,everthing before you is bright.A poor,healty man can also enjoy his humble food,humble as it is.And a healty poor man can earn wealth.As an old saying goes"Health is welth" Hence,from now on,please keep your more healty everyday!!!!!
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27 Oct 08
It's all relative really. If I was living in Zimbwabi right now, wealth would be necessary for health, as they are running at one and a half million % inflation.
@acturpt (28)
• China
25 Oct 08
Of course health,as the Chinese people say:health is the base of revolution.There's no meaning if you own quite a lot of money and a quite terrible health.People devote their time in making money to make their life better,including a healthy body.
@adihindu (1922)
• India
25 Oct 08
Yah I too agree with you if health is there we become wealth. I believe in "Money makes many things but not all the things".
@suri008 (118)
• India
25 Oct 08
hi i agree with out .Health is wealth .money is not import is importtent but not more than health.
@artibg (292)
• Bulgaria
25 Oct 08
Yes health is definitely wealth. I think that money is not everything in our life and there are things we can't buy with money. I prefer to be healthy and without a single dime in my pocket instead of being on a deathbed with millions in my bank account. happy mylotting
• Malaysia
25 Oct 08
Yes, I am totally agree health is far more important. I always remind myself try to keep the balance between....not to much money.....just enough will be nice....