What's the scariest movie you've ever watched?

United States
October 24, 2008 10:40pm CST
I think mine would be a toss-up between Carrie, The Exorcist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What is the scariest you've ever seen? (Not your favorite, but the scariest)
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@slanted (89)
25 Oct 08
Recently I though The Strangers was really quite scary. It's incredibly tense pretty much the whole way through.
@lisa0502 (1726)
• Canada
25 Oct 08
I would have to say that I prefer a horror that plays with your mind. So that being said I would have to say "IT". It plays with your mind on so many levels. Clowns just are not the same after that movie......LOL.
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@hellcowboy (7380)
• United States
29 Oct 08
I have never been a big fan of scary movies because I do not like movies that give me the creeps and cause me to have nightmares for weeks on end,and I usually try to avoid scary movies,unlike most of my friends who love scary movies,one of my friends tried to get me to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a couple years back and I refused to watch it because I knew it would be scary,and I guess that the scariest movie that I remember watching would be Jaws because I am afraid of sharks and that movie gave me nightmares for a long while.
• Malaysia
28 Oct 08
Exorcist, The exorcism of emily rose.. That's the best!! I really like those movies.. :)